New Music Friday: I Was Wrong by Bailen

Bailen is a New York City based band composed of twin brothers Daniel and David and their sister Julia Bailen. Their debut album is due out on April 26, but they have released a few singles from it including “I Was Wrong”. Musically this particular song has a very Fleetwood Mac vibe to it in my opinion, which I very much enjoy.  As many protest songs as I’ve posted here in the past few years, I think the message of this song is also very important. It’s important to stand up and fight against injustice, but we also all need to be willing to admit when we are wrong about something. And although the song doesn’t mention it we also need to be willing to forgive when someone does admit their wrongs, which is something we also seem to be very terrible at. Yes, there should be accountability, but we’re more into shame and eternal punishment than trying to find a way forward together. Anyway, let Bailen give you something to think about this gloomy (at least in Baltimore) Friday morning.


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