New Music Friday: Harmony Hall by Vampire Weekend


I went back and forth this week about what song I wanted to post about. I thought about one of the songs from the out of nowhere record by Better Oblivion Community Center, which is a collaboration between Phoebe Bridgers and Connor Oberst, but ultimately I decided I don’t love that as much as I would like to. I still adore Phoebe Bridgers and love her collaborative spirit and have many thoughts on who I want her to collaborate with next, but I for whatever reason have never really cared for Connor Oberst even though you’d think I would. So I think his presence is dragging this down for me.

I also thought about the new song “Front Porch” by Joy Williams who was one half of the beloved and sadly gone too soon Civil Wars. She put out a more pop oriented album after they broke up that I didn’t really get into, but this song seems to indicate a return to the more folk/Americana vibe that I think suits her better.

But ultimately I decided on Vampire Weekend’s new song “Harmony Hall”, which The Atlantic called thrillingly uncool. I’m pretty sure that just makes The Atlantic sound like idiotic hipsters. I have very little to actually say about this song. I have never really been a Vampire Weekend fan for no particular reason. They are just never a band I ever really listened to. I know the band name, but I could not name you a single one of their other songs. I have no idea if I even like any of them. I do like this song and it’s bright jangly sound. It seems like a good antidote to the bleak mid-winter. And that’s about all I have to say about that.

I usually try to embed the YouTube/Vevo versions of songs here in case anyone reading doesn’t have Spotify, but the video for this song is nothing but insects and it’s horrifying if you don’t like insects so I am not unwittingly subjecting anyone to that. Feel free to go find it on your own if you want.

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