New Music Friday:Red Bull & Hennessy by Jenny Lewis

On Wednesday Jenny Lewis dropped the first single off her forthcoming album due out on March 22, “Red Bull & Hennessy”. It will be her first album since 2014’s Voyager, which by the way still contains my favorite Jenny Lewis song ever, “She’s Not Me”.

I’m not sure I’m into the reverb fade out at the end, but other than that I love it. It’s a very Jenny Lewis sounding song with a little Kate Bush “Running Up that Hill” vibe in the bridge. I’m here for it. I’m very much looking forward to the full album. Also a new album should bring a new tour, which hopefully means I will finally get to see her live outside of the Newport Folk Festival. I adore Newport, but I also like getting to see people do their own thing without the constraints a festival puts on them. That is something that has so far eluded me with Jenny Lewis for various reasons.


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