New Music Friday: Doylestown Girl by Ryan Adams

This morning’s new music Friday features a song so new that it almost really doesn’t even exist yet. Ryan Adams has a new song called “Doylestown Girl” that is off what is apparently the first of three albums he plans to release in 2019. I LOVE Ryan Adams, but even I think that’s a bit much. He’s always been a prolific songwriter, but perhaps we don’t actually need to hear every song that comes out of his head. But I’ve also seen the list of people he’s collaborated on for the first two albums and I’m kind of excited.

On Wednesday Ryan Adams premiered the song on WXPN, the NPR music radio station out of the University of Pennsylvania. We get it here in Baltimore part of the time on some weird radio station that is sometimes a high school radio station, sometimes simulcasting WXPN, and sometimes some third thing that plays real old timey music which I’ve never quite figured out.  I love WXPN though and I stream it pretty much all day at work. I figured by now the song would actually have dropped for real and not still just be a WXPN exclusive, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. But WXPN shared on their blog this Soundcloud file someone in Argentina made of the premiere of the song being played on the station. I don’t know how long it will be up before it gets pulled, but here you go. Presumably the song will officially be out in the world sometime soon.

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