New Music Friday:

I have two new songs for you this one. One is not the newest of the new, but I’m betting most of you haven’t heard it.

Mockingbird by Ruston Kelly

I’ve been meaning to write about this song for weeks now. It’s been in contention for new music Friday for a couple of weeks now, but there has always been another song that dropped that I felt about writing about more. It finally gets the honor of appearing here this week. “Mockingbird” has apparently been out in the world since July, but I only added it to my 2018 Spotify playlist at the beginning of October which means I probably didn’t run across it until several months later. The song is by Ruston Kelly, aka Mr. Kacey Musgraves. It reminds me of early harmonica-y Ryan Adams, which is my favorite Ryan Adams, so I’m really digging that vibe.

Comeback Kid by Sharon Van Etten

In general I’ve never been a huge fan of Sharon Van Etten, but I’m really liking her new song “Comeback Kid”. This is her first new music since 2014, so it’s been awhile. There’s not much in the lyrics that I find super exciting, but I just love the sound and vibe of the song. The song has been out for a few weeks, but this music video for it just dropped a couple of days ago. I actually watched it for the first time in writing this post, but I had seen comments about it channeling 80’s Pat Benatar, which it most certainly does. It may be my favorite thing about the song and the video is the little title chyron that shows up at the beginning of the video like they used to on MTV. Ah nostalgia.

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