New Music Friday: Delta Rae and J.S. Ondara

I’ve got a couple of new songs for you this week. One thing that I kept hearing shortly after the 2016 election was well at least we’re bound to get some good protest music out of all of this. At the time people took issue with it because it sounded really flippant in the face of everything, but two years into this mess it turns out they weren’t wrong.

Early voting started here in Maryland yesterday and I’m sure if it hasn’t started where you are yet it soon will leading up to actual election day on November 6. So take a listen to a couple of great new protest songs, remember what we’re fighting for, and then get out there and vote.

Hands Dirty by Delta Rae

“Hands Dirty” is a song written in response to the #MeToo movement by Brittany Hölljes one of the members who was herself sexually assaulted as a teenager. You can read more about her story and why she wrote the song in her own words. It’s a great song with a very powerful video. There’s a part about 3/4 of the way through that gets me every time.


“American Dream” by J.S. Ondara

J.S. Ondara is born in Nairobi, Kenya and now lives in Minnesota. His explanation of the video and song is way better than anything I could say about it so I will just let his words speak for themselves.

“The video follows a man, as he sets upon a journey to purchase a weapon. While on his way, we get a glimpse of the world around him through his eyes, which gives us some insight into his state of mind. Ultimately, the video explores the turbulent times in the country, socially and politically, thereby throwing a shade of irony to the popular notion of ‘The American Dream.'”

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