New Music Friday: Party of One by Brandi Carlile and Sam Smith

Just a quick one for you today because I’m traveling, but I’m nothing but committed to you dear reader so I didn’t want to leave you without a song to listen to this fine Friday. The song “Party of One” itself is not that new. It’s off of Brandi Carlile’s newest album by the way I forgive you. On the tour for the album she’s been closing out the set prior to the encore with this song where she says this song is what happens when you get in a fight with your wife and then stay up late getting drunk and listening to Joni Mitchell. She just dropped this new version of the song as a duet with Sam Smith on Wednesday. Some of the proceeds from this version will go to support Children in Conflict through Brandi’s Looking Out Foundation where she does a lot of work to support children in war torn countries.

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