New Music Friday: Tom Petty’s Keep a Little Soul

This week’s new music is actually old music. Today is the release date for An American Treasure, which is the new box set of live versions, alternate versions, and previously unreleased music by Tom Petty put together by his band the Heartbreakers, his wife and his daughter. I’m often a little leery of posthumous music releases. I often think if an artist didn’t want this song out in the world, then why a I listening to it now. Sometimes though I suppose especially during most of the time that Tom Petty was recording there just wasn’t room for everything. You could only fit so many songs on an album. The fact that this is put together as a tribute by all the people who knew Tom best gives me more faith in it. Most of the box set is different versions of previously released music, but there are a couple of new, old songs that have been added including the song “Keep a Little Soul”. The music video, which features live footage of Tom Petty, was put together by his daughter. All of it does seem like people who loved Tom Petty trying to put together something to honor him and share that love with his fans and not the money grab that these sometimes can often feel like. As I’ve previously mentioned I have a deep love for Tom Petty, so I’ll allow myself to enjoy this last music from him.


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