Joseph, Pete Yorn, and the Head and the Heart Concert


Last night I went to WRNR’s Holiday Hoo-Ha at Rams Head Live featuring Joseph, Pete Yorn, and The Head and the Heart. Tickets for this concert went on sale shortly after I bought tickets to see The Head and the Heart at DAR Constitution Hall in DC. I like The Head and the Heart so I didn’t mind seeing them twice and I really, really wanted to see Joseph, who spoiler are going to show up in my best of 2016 pop culture post coming soon.

Joseph, a band of three sisters, are wonderful and were definitely the highlight of the night for me. I was sad that they were the first opening act and thus only had a short 30 minute set. I definitely hope to see them again soon when I get to see them play longer. It’s understandable because they have two albums of songs to choose from and such a short time to play, but they definitely didn’t get to everything I was hoping to hear. They were a lot of fun and their voices together are just lovely. My only complaint about their set aside from the fact that it wasn’t long enough was it seemed like the mix was a little off on some of the songs with the drums overwhelming the vocals and other music. I’m pretty sure White Flag is going to need to be my mantra for 2017.

Going into this concert I knew I probably knew some Pete Yorn songs because I recognized his name, but I definitely couldn’t have told you what any of them were. I didn’t bother to look him up or listening to anything before going. I did wind up knowing more of his songs than I thought I probably would, but I still wasn’t super excited by his set. It was just him and his guitar, which is sometimes a great thing but not what I was really in the mood for last night. I don’t dislike Pete Yorn, but I obviously don’t care enough about his music to seek it out or really pay attention to the fact that I know it. I was so tired last night and his set did not help pep me up. I really wish he and Joseph had switched places in the line-up so they got the longer opening set. He played for 50 minutes and I was really ready for him to be done by the end. He even faked us out saying he was playing his last song and then when it was over saying oh do I have time for one more? I do, okay great. When he asked if the crowd wanted him to play one more I definitely heard a lot of no’s including mine. The girl behind me said no, I can’t take this. I’m so tired. I’m right there with you sister.

The Head and the Heart always put on a good show. I didn’t enjoy this set as much as the one I saw in October at DAR. Probably a lot of it was me and not them. I was really struggling with how tired I was by the time they took the stage at 10, and my back hurt from standing around on the concrete floor. I’m old and appreciated the earlier time and the seat at DAR. Plus they played a lot more stuff from their new album this show, which I was surprised they didn’t at DAR. More power to them to do that. It makes sense since that is the album they’re out touring to promote, but I just don’t know that album as well as their earlier too yet and neither did most of the crowd. There were a lot of sing-a-long moments at the DAR show that I enjoyed that didn’t happen last night because people didn’t know the songs. It was still a good show, but of all the times I’ve seen them this was probably my least favorite.

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