Summer, Summer, Summertime

Last night I played kickball and then went and got ice cream with some friends. We were talking about what a perfect summer night it was. However, I also seem to know a lot of people who prefer winter to summer because they are insane. I hate winter and cannot wait for it to be over every year. I do admit I would like it if Baltimore could ever commit to having an actual spring, but we seem to like jumping straight from winter into hot, humid summers. As much as I would like some non-humid weather in the high 60s and 70s, I’ll take hot and humid over cold any day. This year was no exception to that as we spent most of May being cold and rainy before immediately jumping into the high 80s. Now that we’ve finally moved into warmer temperatures I can tell you how much happier I am. There are so many things to love about summer and I shall now list them for you in no particular order.

  1. More daylight.
  2. Not having to drag around coats, hats, scarves, and gloves.
  3. Sandals.
  4. Beaches and pools.
  5. Barbecues.
  6. Outdoor concerts.
  7. Ice cream cones.
  8. Ice cream sandwiches.
  9. Crabs.
  10. Al fresco dining.
  11. Gardens.
  12. Stone fruit.
  13. Berries.
  14. Street festivals.
  15. Just seeing people out and about.
  16. Picnics.
  17. Outdoor movies.
  18. Boat rides.
  19. Open windows.
  20. Sundresses.
  21. Fire pits.
  22. To quote a country song: Barefoot blue jean nights.
  23. Baseball games.
  24. Watermelon.
  25. Tomatoes.
  26. My birthday.
  27. Vacations.
  28. Sweet tea.
  29. Grilling.
  30. Fireflies.
  31. Flowers.
  32. Leafy trees.
  33. Blueberry pie.
  34. Walks in the park.
  35. Thunderstorms

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