Fun-Filled Weekend

I had a very full, but fun weekend this past weekend. It was so full that I even turned down a ticket to go see Flight of the Concords at Wolf Trap on Monday. I knew I was going to need to take Monday night as down time, and you guys know how much I love Wolf Trap.

This weekend was HonFest, which is one of the two big street festivals in my neighborhood every year. It’s my least favorite of the two festivals, but if I’m around it’s too close not to go to at least for a little while. We pretty much just walked around for a little bit and I got a fresh squeezed lemonade, which is my favorite thing about street festivals. You can’t beat that mound of sugar at the bottom of the cup. We also got to peek inside the Five and Dime Alehouse which is set to open in September.

Later that afternoon we headed out to the ‘burbs to celebrate a 2 year old’s birthday. It was just a small get together, which was nice. We bbq’d with some friends and played with their kids for awhile. Even though it was a little on the warm side it actually turned out to be a fairly decent day to be outside and was especially so once the sun started going down. After all the kids that didn’t live there had left some adults were still hanging out when our friends’ 4 year old son said to me you know the party is over don’t you. It is still cracking me up. He figured since all his friends were gone that we should leave too. It was a very nice evening.

Sunday morning I headed down to DC to meet up with some friends for brunch. Since Alison is always trekking up to Baltimore for stuff we decided we should probably head down to her in DC for a change. After brunch we walked around a bit and got some gelato for dessert. Then to get out of the heat we decided to wander around the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and Museum of American Art, which was right near where we were. I hadn’t been in that particular museum when I was a kid, so it was nice to check out a small portion of it.

I capped the weekend off seeing Chvrches in concert at Rams Head Live with some other friends. I have a lot of awesome friends y’all. I’m still slightly confused by this concert, but very happy it happened. It was weird because the concert was only announced a couple of weeks ago, and then there was no opening act. I don’t remember the last time I went to a concert that wasn’t a huge name like Bruce Springsteen or Fleetwood Mac who both played for over 3 hours that didn’t have an opening act. Chvrches certainly played for much shorter than that. I’ve been pretty lucky at standing room only shows being able to see, but this concert not so much. If I stood in a very specific way I could see a small slice of the stage. I think some of the people I was with didn’t even get that. As always it was a really fun show anyway. I love Lauren Mayberry so much. I just want to put her in my pocket and carry her around with me. Chvrches is also at what I always consider to be the best part of their career in terms of live shows because with 2 albums out they have enough material to play a whole set of their music, but it also means they’re pretty much guaranteed to play whatever songs you want to hear no matter what.

It was a fun-filled weekend, but I’m pretty sure I needed another weekend with a lot more downtime to recover from it.

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