High School Reunion at the O’s Game

Last night I met up with my friend Tina and her husband at the Orioles game. They were in town visiting Baltimore for the weekend and wound up settling on the O’s game as a place to meet up while they were here. Tina is one of my friends from high school who I’ve kept in touch with over the years despite us not living in the same place since we graduated. Facebook certainly helps with that of course.

I said it was our own personal 20 year high school reunion because as hard as it is for me to believe our 20 year high school reunion is this summer, but neither of us is going. We graduated with 1300 people and neither of us has any connections that would warrant us going back to Texas at this point. So I don’t feel the need to pay a bunch of money to fly to Dallas and get a hotel just to go to a reunion where I might not even wind up knowing anyone if I went. This was much better.

It actually wound up being the second O’s game I went to in a week, which is not normal for me. We usually go to one or two a season, definitely not two a week. It’s like I’m not even me anymore. But don’t worry starting Tuesday I’m going to 5 concerts in two weeks, so I’ll be back to my normal in short order.

Despite the fact that the O’s lost it was a fun night. The weather turned out to be really great, and that’s one of the best things about going to a baseball game in my opinion is just getting to be outside on a beautiful night for a few hours. Sadly the O’s lost, but at least they kept it interesting at the end. Of course it seemed like was going to be a blowout the first 2/3 of the game, but the O’s scored 6 runs in the 7th inning in very exciting fashion. Sadly it wasn’t enough and that was really their only good inning. Oh well.

I was also amused by a guy sitting one section over from us. He definitely had a few screws loose, but apparently not so much that he couldn’t afford some pricy seats at Camden Yards. He was dressed in a plaid flannel shirt under an O’s jersey with an O’s hat on, but was walking around with a plastic Nationals’ microphone and every time there was a substitution in the lineup he would make a big announcement to the section he was sitting in and then the section we were sitting in about who it was. He would finish that off by telling us that he was going to drink some ridiculously large number of beers followed by a large number of shots after the game. I believe the final tally was 188,000 beers followed by 18 shots of Smirnoff vodka and then in his final announcement added that he was going to marry 54,000 women. He also loudly announced “Ladies and Gentlemen I’m out”, when he left during the 9th inning. He definitely made things interesting.

It was definitely a fun evening.

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