Tux in DC

Last week was my husband’s last week of work at his job. After being forced to commute to DC since last October he found a new job that will let him work from home again. While he was working in DC though our Arizona nieces were impressed that he went to Washington D.C. every day. Since they live in Arizona places like Washington D.C. and New York City are these big cities they have never been to, but see on tv and in movies all the time and learn about in school and it seems very exotic to be going there. I try to tell them that my other niece and nephew live in New York City, but since they don’t know each other I still don’t think they really get it or understand how these other kids are related to me.

Anyway on Thursday, since it was Paul’s last day of work, I was taking a staycation, and it was a beautiful spring day, he played hooky after lunch and I went down to DC to meet him. He had promised my nieces he would send them postcards from DC, which he still hadn’t done at that point. He did do that, but also decided it would be fun to take around a little stuffed penguin that we always play with over Facetime with them and take photos in front of DC landmarks to send them. So we walked around and took lots of pictures of Tux in DC.

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