Light City Baltimore

For the past several months I’ve been hearing about the first Light City Baltimore festival without really ever having a good concept of what it was. I knew it involved lights and other things like free concerts and lectures, but it was still kind of hazy in my mind exactly what it was going to be. I was curious enough to check it out though.

The festival runs for a week starting this past Monday and ending tomorrow. Although we knew it would probably be more crowded on the weekend, Friday looked like the warmest day and we decided we would turn it into a date night with dinner followed by a walk around the festival.

Basically it’s a bunch of art installations made out of light going from one end of the harbor walk to the other. There’s some interactive stuff and a couple of stages with concerts and other performances. Some of the light installations were pretty cool and I enjoyed seeing them, but mostly I just liked being out and about enjoying myself with a bunch of other people in the city. It was great to see so many people out including lots of families enjoying the festival.

The weather also turned out to be very nice for walking around eventually. After dinner we started going around the walk and literally looked at what was happening at the festival stage on one end of the walk before it started lightning and I decided we should go hang out in the Under Armour store to wait out what seemed like was going to be a thunderstorm fairly soon. It’s a good thing we did because it poured rain for about a half hour. After that though it was lovely weather for spending an evening outside. It was just a really enjoyable evening out and about in my city.

From my understanding when they started the festival they made a commitment to hold it for several years with the understanding that this year would be just getting people to understand what it was. Assuming they have new and different installations next year I would definitely go back again. It was pretty cool.

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