Fuller House

I just finished watching the Netflix reboot of the 90’s tv show Full House, Fuller House. I was pretty much the perfect age for the original series when it aired, and I loved it. Although I’m not sure I actually watched it all the way through its final season. I don’t seem to have the same attachment to Steve as DJ’s boyfriend that many people do. I don’t think I saw much of him making me think I missed most of his arc on the show.

I admit I’m a bit of a hypocrite in that I say I’m not a fan of all these reboots and desperate attempts to take advantage of people’s nostalgia and that I wish Hollywood would focus on making new things, but then I’m a sucker and part of the problem because I watch them all. I certainly wasn’t clamoring for a Full House reboot, but when they announced it I didn’t even try to deny that I would watch it.

Most of the reviews I saw of the show majorly panned it, but most of them are missing the point. This is not a great show in any stretch of the imagination. It’s not even really a good show, but it is exactly what it is. It’s exactly the same thing that it was back in the 90s for better or worse. It’s definitely not something that most adults will be interested in watching aside from the nostalgia factor. If it wasn’t something you watched the first time around, it’s not for you unless you’re someone looking for a tv show to watch with your young kids. Like the original Full House before it, Fuller House is a show I see appealing to elementary school aged kids. It’s definitely something I see my 7 year old niece loving.

It fills a niche that I don’t think is really being filled at least for people who don’t have cable. I presume it fits into the same genre as the shows on the Disney Channel that my nieces watch like Austin and Ally and Girl Meets World. I watched sit-coms with my parents when I was a kid during prime time. I have no idea what scripted shows in prime time one could even watch with their kids anymore. There’s nothing I can think of that would be appropriate for or of interest to young children.

I don’t have kids, so that’s not actually the reason I’m watching. I’m just doing it completely for nostalgia’s sake. Nostalgia for the show itself and partly for this genre of sitcom that doesn’t really exist anymore. I admit I totally loved ABC Family’s Melissa and Joey, which is only a slightly better show than Fuller House. So critics be damned. If you have fond memories of the original Full House or have some kids you want to keep entertained then I say give Fuller House a try.

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