Songs I Love: Your Love by The Outfield

Usually when I write about songs I love they tend to be more current, but I’m heading back to the 80s for this one. For no good reason the opening lyrics of this song make me really happy. It’s not the words themselves, it’s just something about the way he sings Josie in that first line that gets me. I can’t explain it.

The harmonies that chime in from time to time also delight me. There’s a lot going on in this song music wise. It’s always a little bit of a surprise, which makes it fun to listen to. Back in the 80s it’s nothing that I ever would have said was my favorite song, but in recent years I’ve really come to appreciate it. I’m always happy to hear it when it pops up on the radio or when it shuffles up in my music. I’m sure it’s not a song that anyone else is writing down in the history books as great music, but it goes down in mine.


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