My Spotify Year in Music 2015

If you’re a Spotify user, which I am, you can go to this link and have Spotify tell you all about your year in music. Mine was mostly not surprising, but it does give a very slanted view of the music I’ve listened to this year. I am still the rare bird that buys most of the albums she listens to, so I listen to a lot of music outside of Spotify.

The first song I listened to in 2015 was “Concrete (Fish Out of Water) by The Revivalists, which is a song I have no recollection of having ever listened to or ever even heard of. I have no idea why I would have listened to it and I obviously never revisited it.

The artist I listened to the most was Garbage, which I wouldn’t have guessed if you had asked me but makes sense since I listened to a lot of their music leading up to seeing them in concert in October. That’s pretty much indicative of a lot of things that show up in my Spotify Year in Music. It’s a lot of listening to music by specific artists preceding seeing them in concert.

That makes sense to me and does signify a lot of how I use Spotify when I’m at work. If there’s a particular artist I want to listen to it’s often easier just to throw them up on Spotify than digging out their individual albums in my own music collection.

What was not at all surprising to me and probably what I would have guessed if you asked me was that the Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording was my most listened to album of the year. I listened to that sucker to death. I can’t wait to see it again next year.

My most listened to individual track outside of listening to an album was “Scarecrow” by Christopher Paul Stelling. He’s an artist that I became familiar with at this year’s Newport Folk Festival. Aside from that being one of the best performances of the festival I know I listened to this song a lot earlier this year when I had one of the worst weeks I can ever remember having at work. The lyrics “So breathe, breathe it out, lay your burdens down,to rest. Breath, through the doubts, never let them get the best, the best of you.” pretty much became my mantra that week, so I’m not surprised that this showed up as my number one track.

My top genres were Folk-Pop, Indie Rock, and Singer-Songwriter, which completely tracks with the kind of music I tend to listen to. I buy it. I also listened to 272 different artists, so as you can tell I’m pulling up a wide variety of music. I never use the Spotify radio channels, so these are all people I’m specifically choosing to listen to.

There’s some other stuff in there as well, but I think this is enough to write about. I don’t think anyone else really cares all that much. Even though it’s a slanted view it was really fun to look back at what I was listening to over the past year. If they keep doing this in the future I hope they let you do a comparison between years because I think that would be great fun to see.



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