Crafty Christmas Girls’ Night In

My friend Emily had a group of our girlfriends over to her house on Wednesday night for pizza, crafting, and a Christmas movie. Because she’s an awesome hostess she even provided all the materials for our crafting. That was super awesome for me because I am just really not all that crafty. Michael’s and the like scare me.

I made this cute little sign that is perfect for my house in Baltimore. Now I just need to find a place to hang it.

2015-12-11 22.02.57

I also made these ornaments. It’s a little hard to tell but one of them is just a winter scene with snow and trees, but the other is supposed to be a melted snowman. There’s obviously the snow and all the little things in it are the button eyes, carrot nose, gloves, and buttons from the snowman as if he was melted. Sadly the little hat wouldn’t fit through the opening in the ornament.

2015-12-11 22.04.16

We also watched Love, Actually. I know everyone loves this movie, but I have never really cared for it. It’s not like I super hate it or anything, but I definitely don’t get the over-the-top love for it either. Watching it again this week did nothing to change my mind on that either. Oh well. To each his own.

It was a fun night with friends. Everyone is always so busy it was nice to find a time to spend some quality time together.

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