Carols for a Cure Volume 17

Every year the casts of currently running Broadway shows record a Christmas CD called Carols for a Cure with the proceeds going to Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS. Every year when we got to Broadway shows at Thanksgiving at the end someone from the cast comes out and does a little spiel about donating to Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS as you exit the theatre. You can obviously just donate, but they also generally sell signed posters and these CDs as well. I always pony up the $20 for the CD.

I was fully prepared to buy my CD at the end of Allegiance when to my surprise none of this happened. I have no idea why. At first I thought well the show just opened a few weeks ago, so maybe the cast wasn’t around early enough to record something and thus they don’t even participate in this? Then I found out that the School of Rock cast is featured on the CD and they’re still in previews on that show, so there went that theory. I’m sure that someone who knows more about Broadway politics could tell me, but I have no idea.

Anyway when I realized I wasn’t going to be able to buy the CD at the theatre I was disappointed. I jokingly mentioned to Paul as we were making our way out that I should just go run over to another theatre and get one. Then as we were leaving I overheard some guys talking. They were obviously having the same conundrum I was because I heard one of them say to the other I see them at the door you can run across the street and grab one.

I don’t know if that guy did or not, but I’m happy he pointed out because I totally followed through on what I thought was just a joke plan. As other people were exiting the theatre I snuck into The Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder, which was in the theatre across the street from where Allegiance was and got the CD. I probably would have gone online and sucked up having to pay the shipping on it, but this saved me from having to do that and gave me a fun story to tell.

This year I’m really loving the version of “Joy to the World” sung by the Hamilton cast because they’ve reorchestrated the song with undertones of “Satisfied” from the show. My favorite though is a song called “One Star” sung by the cast of Les Miserables. I’m happy to have my hands on the CD. It’s already worked its way into my Christmas playlist rotation.

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