Cream Cheese Frosting

I was cracking up at this short scene in the new season (3rd) of Orange is the New Black. Don’t worry it’s not at all spoilery if you do watch the show and haven’t gotten to this episode yet, and if you don’t watch you will still perfectly understand what is going on here.

This clip was so hilarious to me because my two favorite types of cake are red velvet and carrot cake. I’ve often said that really I think I just like cream cheese frosting because that is the common denominator between these two types of cake. I obviously disagree that red velvet isn’t a thing, but I do agree that it has gotten out of hand. I grew up in the South where red velvet is very much a thing and was a long time before it became all trendy. Red velvet everything is a bit ridiculous because it’s true it’s a mild chocolate turned red by a ton of red food coloring. Without it being in cake form piled with cream cheese frosting I don’t see the point. Don’t even get me started on people who make red velvet cake or carrot cake with something other than cream cheese frosting. It is an abomination and I won’t stand for it.

So to summarize, cream cheese frosting is delicious and I wish I had some on top of a piece of cake right now.

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