Current Pop Music

I’m really happy with the current state of pop music. At this time of year when the weather is getting warmer I’m always attracted to peppy pop music and country music. The past few summers have really let me down in regards to pop music with the “Blurred Lines”, “Happy”, and “Fancy” of it all. I haven’t really been on board with the most popular pop songs that received heavy rotation in the past few years.

This year however I’ve been loving what pop music radio stations have been dishing up to me. There’s lots of fun peppy stuff. Some of these songs I’m sure I’ll hate by the end of the summer. I’m already starting to tire of Maroon 5’s “Sugar”. That’s what pop songs are for though. Some of them will stand the test of time, some of them I’ll tire of and never want to hear again. Here’s a Spotify playlist of some of the pop songs I’m digging right now. I’d add Taylor Swift’s “Style” to this as well, but her music is no longer on Spotify, so just imagine it’s there.

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