Songs I Love: Pray to God by Calvin Harris Featuring HAIM

The thing about Calvin Harris is that his best songs are the ones where he collaborates with female artists. His newest collaboration with HAIM, a band composed of three sisters is no exception. I think one of the things that makes the songs so great is that they really, truly do seem to be collaborations. They are all very obviously songs written by Calvin Harris, but they all also have the sensibilities of the artists he is collaborating with as well. If you listen to his songs with Rihanna, Florence Welch, and Ellie Goulding you also feel as if you could very well be listening to songs they wrote as well. It’s not just him writing a song and then finding a female voice to sing the vocals. The same goes for “Pray to God”. If you are familiar at all with HAIM’s work you can tell around the part of the song that kicks in at the 2:42 mark that this song really is a marriage of what Calvin Harris and HAIM do, which is what makes it wonderful. I finally just heard this song getting some radio play this week. I love it, and hope to hear it a lot more this summer.

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