As you know I’ve been complaining that with the death of shows like Hart of Dixie there is a dearth of just fun, entertaining television shows out there. Happily there is actually a new show on TV that is doing a pretty good job of filling that place in my heart. It’s on TVLand though, so I won’t be surprised if you aren’t actually familiar with it.

The show is Younger and it stars Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff. The premise of the show is a little goofy. Sutton Foster is a 40 year old woman who is getting divorced and needs to re-enter the workplace but finds she has a hard time finding a job. After being mistaken for someone who is 26 she decides to fake her age and manages to land a job at a publishing house. Hilary Duff plays her co-worker. You obviously have to be able to get past the ridiculous idea that anyone would actually buy that Sutton Foster is 26 years old, but if you can do that the show is a lot of fun.

I’ve been a long time fan of Sutton Foster. I’ve seen her on Broadway multiple times and I still shed a little tear about the cancellation of Bunheads. It’s delightful to have her back on my television in a show that so far I’m really enjoying. I have no idea how the ratings for this show are, but I’m betting the bar is pretty low for TVLand shows to get renewal so I’m hoping to have this one around for awhile. Update: Before I even got the chance to post this I saw that the show was renewed for a second season, so hooray!

If you haven’t seen it yet, I’m pretty sure that at least as of the writing of this all the episodes are available for free online, so check it out and then start watching on Tuesday nights.

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