I have more vacation time than my husband, so I usually wind up using some of it on staycations instead of actual travel. Our vacation time rolls over at the end of June, so it’s around this time of year that I start figuring out that I have a lot of vacation time to burn before then and decide to take a week long staycation. I usually pick a week in March that coincides with the spring break of one of the two schools my library serves since it means things are a bit quieter. They don’t have a the same break so I was debating which week to take. I’m glad I chose the second one because otherwise I would have missed out on getting my snow day and would have been so mad.

I probably could have done a bit more relaxing, but it’s also good to use the time to catch up on some errands and see friends I don’t get to see that often. Monday I went down to DC to hang out with my friend Alison, who moved down there from Baltimore a few months ago. We started out with a ramen lunch at Daikaya. We went to the Natural History Museum to check out the orchid exhibit they have going on right now. It’s pretty small, but there were a lot of pretty orchids. After that we just wandered around the rest of the museum. They also had a special exhibit about Indians in America, which I thought was pretty interesting. It was a beautiful day outside so we did lots of walking and finished off our afternoon with some gelato from Pitango. Their original location in Baltimore was one of our favorite places, so it only seemed fitting that we should hit up the one in DC together as well.

Tuesday wasn’t really much of a vacation day. I’m taking an online copyright class right now, so I spent Tuesday doing my homework for that in the morning. Then I did get in a little shopping. Though I sadly didn’t find what I was looking for and came home empty handed. After that I actually headed into work for a meeting. We’d been trying to set it up for awhile and people’s schedules wouldn’t jive, so I took the bullet and went in on my day off so we could get it done and the project could move forward.

Wednesday the only notable thing I did was get a massage, but that was nice. Thursday I had lunch with my friend Kristen. Friday I had the discussion section for my online class, so I had to sit through that. I also baked a couple pies for pi day Saturday and my friend Heather’s birthday. Then Friday night we went out to dinner with some friends.

It was a nice week, but as always not nearly long enough. Vacation weeks always go by way faster than work weeks. Hope the one I’m returning to isn’t too painful.

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