NPR’s Invisibilia Podcast

Remember a few weeks ago when I was talking about how I didn’t have time to listen to anymore podcasts? So about that. I did actually listen to season 1 of Serial on a road trip, but that wasn’t so bad because it was a contained few hours. What I really didn’t need to do was add another hour long podcast that posts on a weekly basis into my listening routine. However when I heard about NPR’s Invisibilia podcast I couldn’t help but check it out, and now it’s part of my regular weekly listening routine.

The podcast is hosted by Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel and in their own words is about “the intangible forces that shape human behavior–things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions, and emotions.” Essentially it’s various topics related to psychology and neurobiology. As someone who majored in psychology as an undergrad and who has a Master’s in counseling, this podcast is right up my alley. Each week they pick a topic such as fear or categorization and then find a few specific cases studies that they focus the discussion around. The cases aren’t always the things I think they’ll focus on based on the topic, but they are always fascinating.

I also love that they end each podcast with a “dance break”. It’s totally random and it makes me smile every week. It’s just a little thing that makes the podcast truly great. I highly recommend checking it out. It posts weekly on Fridays wherever you choose to download your podcasts from.

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