Songs I Love: The Stray Birds’ The Bells and Best Medicine

The Stray Birds are an Americana/folk trio from Lancaster, PA composed of Maya de Vitry, Oliver Craven, and Charlie Meunch. I must have heard some of the music from their first album because even their website says it was in heavy rotation on WXPN and was highly praised by NPR Music both of which are some of my go to music places. However for some reason it must really not have made an impression on me because I don’t remember it at all. The same can definitely not be said of their most recent album Bad Medicine.

I have been meaning to write about “The Bells”, the first single off of it, for some time now but just never got around to it. I was loving that song every time I heard it.

Then I recently heard the title song, which is the second single off of the album. I think I might love it even more. I can’t get enough of this lyric from the chorus.

“If the body is a temple, the soul is a bell and that’s why music is the best medicine I sell.”

I listened to the whole album and the whole thing is great. If you’re not familiar with The Stray Birds you should definitely check them out.

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