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This past Thursday was final episode of White Collar. Although it hasn’t been officially announced it seems that this is probably the final season of Hart of Dixie as well. With the end of these two shows my tv schedule is going to be sadly lacking in a certain amount of fun shows. There is always so much talk these day about how this is the golden age of television mostly referring to prestige dramas. I watch plenty of shows that would fall into that category, but sometimes I just want to watch shows that are somewhat mindless and fun.

I am not a fan of procedurals which are mindless in that there is for the most part to overarching storyline to keep up with, but I don’t really find them fun. Also I actually like my shows to have an overarching storyline. I also like more character development in my shows than procedurals provide.

White Collar had several different love interests for Neal over the years. Sara who was around the longest was my favorite, and I was really hoping they were going to bring her back for the final season. Sadly they didn’t. The whole short 6 episode final season, was a bit of a bust. Everyone involved seemed very much to be phoning it in. My friend said that the renewal came so late that a lot of the writer’s moved on. It definitely showed. I’m sad that this bit of fun, sexy television ended with a whimper but even more so that it won’t be on my television anymore at all.

One thing I also really like about Hart of Dixie and White Collar were the relationships. I’ve noticed that recently there have been a dearth of shows where there is a couple that I’m shipping. Hart of Dixie is essentially a ridiculous soap opera, so there has never been a shortage of couples falling in and out of love. They have tried many different configurations of the characters on this show, and I have to say the writers have done an excellent job of convincing me whatever couple they’re pushing at that moment is the right one. I can’t say that for really any other show. The plots are all very silly, but there’s just something about this show that I’ve always loved. There’s definitely nothing else like it on tv at the moment, and I’m going to be sad when it’s gone for good.

As much as I love all the prestige dramas that I want, I don’t want them to be the only thing on tv. I’m a little afraid of fun shows like this are going to go the way that romantic comedies have at the movies. I miss having smart, fun, sexy romantic comedies to see and I’ll miss their counterpart of tv too. I hope I’m wrong about this, but I fear I’m not.

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