Every time someone recommends a podcast to me I just sigh knowing that even if it sounds amazing I just don’t have time to add another podcast to my slate. I can’t even keep up with the podcasts I already listen to. So many people have been raving about the Serial podcast, and I admit that it sounds really great but I can’t fit another hour long weekly podcast into my life right now. With that one I’m thinking I’ll wait until they play out the entire season and then it will make for good road trip listening.

I am very glad however that I listened to Glen Weldon, when he recommended the Pitch podcast on Pop Culture Happy Hour. It averages about 10 minutes every other week, with short encore episodes of 2-3 minutes of material cut from the original podcast filling in the weeks in between. Even I can manage to add about 15 more minutes of podcast listening into my life over the course of every 2 weeks. The podcast is produced by Whitney Jones and Alex Kapelman and is a documentary show about music. I am a great music lover, so of course it’s right up my alley. I think it would appeal to other people too though.

When I say that it’s about music, it may not be what you think it’s about. They don’t sit around talking about what music is popular or what bands and songs that they like. They talk about things that are related to music and sometimes the production of music, and who knows what else will come in the future. In the most recent episode they talked about the history behind the no dancing signs seen at many places where music is played in New York City. Some of my other favorite episodes have included an interview with Cristin Milioti about how she had to quickly learn to play the piano in order to get her role in the Broadway musical Once, how certain sounds you hear out in the world can remind you of songs, and pauses in music.

There are only 10 episodes at this point, so you can easily catch up on all the episodes. I highly recommend that you do so. It’s a great little podcast that looks at how music intersects with our lives.

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