WXPN’s 88 Worst Songs Countdown

My favorite radio station WXPN, does a countdown of 885 songs with a different theme every October after their fall fund drive. I wrote about the one they did last year. This past week was their countdown for this year in which now that they are a decade into doing this they decided to rerun their initial theme of the 885 Greatest Songs of All Time to see what had changed over the past 10 years. I of course greatly enjoyed listening to that and following all the amusing tweets about it. (Fellow Bruce Springsteen haters unite! I don’t really hate Springsteen. I admit he’s one of the most amazing people I’ve ever seen live, but in general I find his music meh. There were way too many Springsteen songs on that countdown in my opinion.)

This year they are followed the 885 countdown with a countdown of the 88 worst songs of all time. There were some really, truly awful songs on the list, but I admit that I like a lot of the songs that showed up on it. Since both lists are generated through user voting it was highly amusing to see how many of the songs appeared on both lists. I guess there is no accounting for other people’s tastes. Dan Reed’s commentary about all the songs he was playing was absolutely hilarious.

Both countdowns were so popular and so many people were streaming them that it took out their site for awhile. The countdown hashtags were also trending on Twitter, which is pretty awesome. I had so much fun listening to both countdowns this week. I love this radio station, and stuff like this is why they will continue to get money from me. I want to keep the awesome going.

For anyone who is curious you can find the list of the 885 Greatest songs here and the 88 worst here or if you want to listen check out the lists on Spotify here and here.

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