Hall & Oates at Pier Six Pavilion

Last night Paul and I saw Hall & Oates in concert for the second time. We saw them at Wolf Trap a little over five years ago. I enjoyed it enough that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see them again much closer to home.  I was too young to see them in their hey day during the 70s and 80s, but no matter because they are still playing the same hit songs from back then. I feel a little bad for them because they have to be really tired over playing the same songs over and over again. At Wolf Trap they did throw in a few newer solo songs from each of them. Last night though it was straight hits from start to finish. They definitely give the people what they came for unlike some artists I’ve seen that will remain nameless. **cough**Jackson Browne**cough**

We both agreed that the Wolf Trap show was the better of the two, but I can’t put my finger on exactly why. Other than them adding in some solo stuff it was pretty much the same show playing in a different order. I don’t really know any of their solo stuff, so it’s not like I was missing that last night. Maybe it affected the way they came to the show though. I’m sure it’s hard to get excited about playing the same stuff they’ve played a million times. The crowd was definitely different too. At Wolf Trap the crowd was much older. Pretty much mostly all people around my parents’ age. They also sat for the entire show until the very end. Last night there was a much younger crowd. I mean I’m not talking college kids or anything, but way more people around my age in their 30s. The crowd last night was mostly up and dancing from the start of the show. You would think that would have brought more energy to it. Like I said I can’t quite put my finger on why last night wasn’t as good, but it wasn’t. Oh well. It was still enjoyable and a great reminder of how many great songs Hall & Oates have. I think though that twice was enough for me to see them live at this point in their career. I’ll throw on their greatest hits CD and call it a day.

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