Simple Pleasures

I don’t have anything big to write about at the moment, but the stress of the new fall semester demands that I focus on some happy things going on in my life. Thus I decided to do one of my periodic roundups of little things going on that are making me happy.

1. God bless the person who made cat medicine that is chewable and tasty enough that my cat thinks she’s getting treats every time we give it to her. It makes giving pills so much easier at least on most days. The days she completely refuses to eat make that a challenge, but given that one of the three pills she’s taking right now we actually have to shove down her throat I’m super glad we don’t have to do it three times. She’s already become a master of making me think she’s swallowed the pill and then walking away and spitting it out.

2. Speaking of the sick cat, the steroids and new appetite stimulants are so far working really well. She’s eating a ton and has much more energy. I’m still guessing we’re just extending her life for a little while and not curing her of anything at this point, but I’ll be happy to have her around for awhile longer as long as her quality of life seems good.

3. For the first time since I moved into a professional librarian position after getting my Masters in Library Science I am no longer regularly working a night shift. For the past 8 years I’ve worked on our reference desk at least one night per week, usually Thursday night. Due to some staffing changes and adjustments to the way we’re staffing the reference desk I am being shifted to day time hours and will no longer regularly being working at night. I’m sure I’ll be called in to work every once in awhile when people are on vacation or something, but for the most part I’m done. It will be really nice to be able to do things on Thursday nights again without having to worry about whether it’s worth it to try and take off work that night or switch shifts with someone if the monthly schedule is already out. I’ve already seen a concert I want to go to that’s on a Thursday in October that I was excited to realize that I could just go to without thinking twice about it.

4. You’ll hear more about these in depth when they happen, but I’m also excitedly anticipating some upcoming trips. In a couple of weeks we’ll be traveling to Pittsburgh for our friend Darra’s wedding. I’ve also made plans to meet up with a Twitter friend in person while we’re there. I always enjoy getting to meet online friends in real life. Then in October I have plans to go up to NYC for a weekend. Another Twitter friend, who I have already met in person responded to one of my tweets about having so many Broadway shows I want to see by saying I should come to New York the weekend she’s going to be there for New York Comic Con and we could go to a show. It worked out with my schedule so I’m going up. It will be fun to catch up with her again in person as well as see Aladdin. If Bolt Bus ever puts tickets on sale for that weekend I’ll figure out exactly when I’m going up on Saturday and returning on Sunday to figure out what else I might get up to while I’m in town.

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