The Band Perry at Wolf Trap

As I’ve mentioned on this blog many a time Wolf Trap is my favorite concert venue in my surrounding area, so even though it’s a bit of a trek I try to get there at least once a summer. In looking at the schedule for this year I settled on seeing The Band Perry. My original date wound up having to travel for work and it seemed all my other country music loving friends, who don’t number that many, were heading out early for the long weekend, so much to my husband’s dismay he became my date.

The opening act was someone named Lindsey Ell, whom I had never heard of before. She wasn’t awful, but I can’t say that she was really great either. She was definitely trying very hard, and I can see her one day being a great performer. She’s just not quite there yet. She doesn’t have enough of her own music to be quite ready for prime time yet either. Not even just as an opening act in my opinion. Probably close to half of her set was covers, and nothing I was particularly interested in. I didn’t mind the stuff of her own that she was singing though. I think it was a little too early for her to be out on tour as the only opening act at this point. If had been one of those shows where there were two openers with the first doing a quick 30 minute set I think she would have been great. She just didn’t have enough to fill out 45 minutes. I’m sure she’ll get better as she gets some more material together though.

The Band Perry’s set was fun and they are very high energy. It was very different than what I’ve been used to seeing lately though. I can’t recall the last time I saw a concert that was this produced and choreographed. I don’t tend to go see the kinds of artists who put together elaborate sets. Usually it’s just people up on the stage with their instruments and if you’re lucky they’ll do something interesting with the lighting. I actually prefer the latter a little bit more because I’m in it for the music, and it feels more organic to me. Last night you could tell that they say the same thing every night just substituting out the location in what they’re saying. No surprises there. It was definitely visually interesting, and a well produced show, but I prefer my concerts to feel a little less like they came out of a box. I know some people prefer this kind of spectacle though, so to each his own.

That being said I did enjoy the show, and The Band Perry really does have fun on stage. In my opinion they’re at the perfect point in their career to be headlining a show. With only two albums under their belt they’re pretty much guaranteed to play every song you want to hear whether it was a hit single or some other track off the albums plus still have a little room left over to play around with a cover song or something. That was definitely the case last night. I got to hear every song I wanted them to play and they also had time to sing some covers. They really got the crowd going with a cover of Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls”. They also sang a modern version of “Amazing Grace” from which they went directly into a cover of Pitbull and Ke$ha’s “Timber” because obviously. It was a fun show, and I would definitely see them again on a future tour.

I shall leave you with my current favorite song of theirs “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely”. Sadly I didn’t get to enjoy it that much last night because I went to the bathroom the song before and spent most of this song trying to figure out where the heck I left my husband in the sea of people on the lawn in the dark.

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