Saving Myself from Myself

Yesterday I almost had a horrible professional moment. A professor had asked me to come to her class to help out her students with an in-class project. It’s something I have helped this professor out with several times before. One of the schools I work for has two satellite graduate campuses, one north of Baltimore and the other south of Baltimore. Every other semester I have worked with this class it has been held at the northern campus, so I just spaced when the professor said in her email that it was at the southern campus. I think I just registered satellite campus, and it’s that class and zoomed right on along in the email assuming it was where I had always gone before.

Thankfully God was looking out for me and gave me a little tap on the shoulder to double check that right before I left the library to drive to the class yesterday. I was totally sitting at my desk whiling away the last few minutes before I planned to leave, and thought to myself I should check the room location in our registration system since the professor wasn’t positive what it was when she emailed me. That way I’ll know for sure when I get there and won’t have to search it out. Cue moment of panic when I look up the class and it tells me that it’s at the other campus. I then double check the email the professor sent me and sure enough she clearly said the southern campus not the northern one. Since to be there by 12:15 when she asked I should have left at least 15 minutes ago at that point I raced out the door and got myself down to where I was actually supposed to be. I was a few minutes late, but so were they as the students were still rolling back in from their lunch break when I arrived. Phew!

I am so, so glad something prompted me to look up the class location. If I hadn’t I totally would have gone to the wrong place and missed the class since the two campuses are over an hour apart. That would have been bad and super unprofessional of me. In the future I will definitely triple check classroom locations when I’m asked to leave the library and work with a class wherever they are meeting.

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