Preakness Party 2014



I don’t have much time, but here’s a quickie post on our annual Preakness Party. If you’ve been reading this blog long enough you by now know that every year we have a Preakness Party. We even planned our vacation around the date so that we could hold it. In my continued effort to bake my way through my Booze Cakes cookbook I made an Amaretto Almond Cake. It was good, but not one of my favorites.

2014-05-17 13.51.14

We also always make several versions of Black-Eyed Susans since there really is no definitive version of the Preakness drink. Even the “Official” version changes depending on what liquor company they get to sponsor them. This year’s official version had Finlandia Vodka and St. Germain in it. We made the official version (though not with the official vodka), an old standby version from the Washington Post that we make every year, and a recipe from a local restaurant. Though the latter one my husband was only  making by request, so I’m not sure many people got to try it.

2014-05-17 16.05.43

Horse racing parties of course require cute hats. 2014-05-17 17.23.05 2014-05-17 17.44.47

And here is about 2/3 of the people crammed into my living room trying to watch the actual race. Luckily it only lasts about 2 minutes because there wasn’t quite enough room.

2014-05-17 18.21.03I’m happy that California Chrome won because that means there is a chance for a Triple Crown winner this year. It’s always less exciting when there’s not. I’m sure the Belmont people love it because it gives everyone a reason to watch. I’ll certainly be cheering on California Chrome in a few weeks.

It was another fun party, and I’m looking forward to next year’s already.


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