Catching up with an Old Friend

Sunday morning I got to meet up with one of my good friends from high school over breakfast. She and her husband were up in Baltimore for the weekend with their almost 2 year old son. I hadn’t seen her since the year I drove from where I was in college in North Carolina to Boston where my sister was in college and stopped off in Pennsylvania where she was in college to visit on my way. It’s painful to think about how long ago that was. Almost as painful as her telling me her little brother who was a baby when we graduated high school is now himself graduating high school this year. It was great to see her, get to meet her family, and to catch up on life outside of Facebook. For all the annoying things about it, I can say that we probably never would have seen each other again had it not been for Facebook. We lost touch for many years before we reconnected that way. Though I did find some old letters she wrote me a couple years ago when my parents insisted I was no longer allowed to house any of my stuff in their house and I either had to take it or they were going to pitch it. Yes that’s right kids once upon a time if you wanted to correspond with someone you had to write them a letter on actual paper. Anyway it was really good to see her in person again after such a long time. Hopefully we’ll get to do it again before another 14 or so years go by.

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