Royal Teeth

I recently became aware of the band Royal Teeth mostly through the NPR Music coverage of SXSW. They were mentioned more than once, and Stephen Thompson included their song “Wild” on his Austin 100 playlist. I really liked it a lot, and was intrigued by the descriptions of their live performances so I decided to check out their full album. I really like the whole thing a lot. The Louisiana band’s debut LP Glow was released last August, and it is full of joyous songs.

Based on what I’ve heard about their live performances and the fact that I really like their music I hope Royal Teeth tours near me soon. They don’t have much by the way of tour dates listed on their site at the moment. The closest they’re getting so far is the Firefly Music Festival, which I sadly can’t attend this year because I’ve already booked a conflicting vacation. Hopefully they’ll add more dates soon and one of them will be Baltimore. Hear that Royal Teeth, please come to Baltimore!

Check out the song “Wild” if the little ooh ooh oohs don’t immediately endear you to this song, then there is no hope for you.

Then once you’re hooked on that take a listen to their full album.

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