Simple Pleasures

The recent weather from this winter that won’t go away has been making me extra grumpy lately. That coupled with lots to do both at work and at home hasn’t left me much time or will to sit down and write anything here. I haven’t written about music here nearly as much as I once used to, and there are lots of songs/artists that I have thought about writing about but haven’t yet. Thus I’m declaring next week music week here on this blog. The two people who bother to read my music posts, my mother and my friend Erin, can enjoy it. The rest of you can take a break for a week.

To tide you over until then here are a few simple pleasures in my life at the moment.

1. It’s the first day of spring and for a change it’s not freezing cold out. The forecast calls for a return to the cold next week, but I will enjoy the next few days and the fact that winter is now officially over at least in words if not deeds.

2. Related to number 1 I was listening to WXPN and they are playing songs in celebration of spring and the first song they spun up was Amos Lee’s “Windows are Rolled Down”. This is why this radio station is my favorite because we are so sympatico. That is totally my springtime song.

3. It’s the first day of NCAA basketball tournament. Wake Forest of course isn’t in it because they are still stuck in their downward spiral, but I still enjoy the tournament and playing in the pool I’ve been involved in for many years. Hopefully this year I will do better than last year when I was pretty much out of contention on the first weekend.

4. It was raining yesterday which gave me a chance to enjoy the new wind shield wipers my husband put on my car for me. Talk about your simple pleasures there.

5. The fact that I have now programmed my friends and family to post adorable polar bear things for me to Facebook and Twitter. It means that adorable things show up for me, and I don’t even have to seek them out.

6. Finally settling on a vacation for May. I’ve been bugging my husband for months about planning something. Now that I’ve finished my quest to go to all 50 states it’s much harder to figure out what to do. Before it was pretty easy in that I just picked a state(s) I hadn’t been to before. Now the whole wide world is open to me. It would be nice to go abroad again, but since I couldn’t get my husband to commit to anything or even offer a single opinion (he’s so annoying sometimes) I just let time tick away and then it felt too close to plan a big overseas trip. So with zero input from husband I decided on Key West. I have no idea if he has any interest in going there. Beach vacations aren’t necessarily his first choice, but he was smart enough at this point to not say anything about it if he doesn’t want to go there. Now I have a nice, hopefully sunny beach vacation to look forward to. I can’t wait.

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