Songs I Love: Destination by Nickel Creek

I really love this new single “Destination” off of Nickel Creek’s forthcoming album A Dotted Line. I adore its harmonies. It’s just as great as I imagined it would be when I heard they had a new single,  but even more than the song itself I am super excited that they are back together to record it. The group composed of brother and sister Sean and Sara Watkins plus Chris Thile has been on hiatus since 2006 while they all pursued other projects. I have loved all of those too, but I admit I squealed in delight when I heard this reunion was happening. Wikipedia informs me that this album is being released to coincide with their 25th anniversary, which seems insane. I guess when you start playing as kids, which they literally did, you can still be fairly young when you hit your 25th anniversary.

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