Derek’s 1st Birthday Party

Today marks one year since my friend Jenny gave birth to a tiny human. This is important to note since she told the kids at her school it might be cat whenever they asked what she was having. Saturday they celebrated his first birthday with friends. Right now Paul and I are still in the stage where we’re getting invited to kid’s birthday parties even though we have no kids because at this point the parties are mostly about the parents’ friends and not the kids’. I know this will change as the kids grow up and start inviting their own friends to places like Chuck E. Cheese and My Gym. I’ll enjoy it while it still makes sense for us to be there.

As big baseball fans the party was baseball themed with baseball cupcakes.

Baseball cupcakesApparently Jenny and Mike both felt deprived by their parents never buying them the ice cream in the Orioles hat bowls when they went to O’s games as a kid, so they bought some of the bowls on ebay and we had a sundae bar as well.

2014-03-01 17.33.51Here’s Derek enjoying his birthday cupcake. Of course my friends and I are nerdy enough to be having a conversation about the copyright issues surrounding the song “Happy Birthday” while singing it to a 1 year old.

And the aftermath.

2014-03-01 17.37.43 2014-03-01 17.37.36Happy 1st birthday Derek!

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