Simple Pleasures

I haven’t had a whole lot going on recently or I guess anything that has inspired me to write an entire blog post about it, but I don’t like my little blog to be neglected for too long. So here a few simple pleasures from my life recently.

1. We have now reached the point of the year that there is still the faintest sliver of light left in the sky when I leave the gym after work. It’s not truly light yet, it gives me hope. Daylight savings time starts in a few weeks. I know a lot of people including my husband hate it, but I say bring it.

2. The beautiful weather from this past weekend of course must be acknowledged. It’s been such a miserable winter that the springlike weather over the weekend was a wonderful reprieve. Not to mention the fact that it helped melt all but the biggest snow piles leftover from the snowstorm the week before.

3. Despite the fact that it was snowing most of the day it somehow really didn’t stick. At this point if it has to snow that is the kind of snow I can get behind.

4. We wound up ordering Chinese food for dinner tonight. It’s been a long time since I’ve had General Tso’s chicken. Not that any Chinese food is really healthy, but in my mind General Tso’s has to be one of the least healthy dishes for you so don’t get it very often anymore. I decided to splurge tonight. I’m sure the one tiny piece of broccoli that I hate totally balanced out all that fried chicken covered in sugary sauce.

5. I didn’t start watching it in the fall when it premiered so it didn’t make my fall TV diary, but I’m really enjoying The Fosters on ABC Family a lot. Some of the things I heard about it after it started made me think it was a show I would enjoy. The first half of the season was actually posted on Netflix prior to the second half of the season premiering, so I caught up with it over my Christmas break. I did in fact enjoy it and have been watching it when it’s on ever since then. Take note other television outlets. This is the way to do it. See how I started watching episodes of show when they air like you want me to because ABC Family let me catch up. Amazing that.

6. Friends that take care of each other. One of my friends is apparently down and out with food poisoning today, so all day long my email inbox was getting filled with amusing videos a group of people were sending around to cheer him up while he was feeling ill.

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