Dames and Games Brunch

I can’t remember the last time someone invited me to brunch at their house and yet today I was invited to not one, but two brunches at friends’ houses. Since I have not yet figured out how to clone myself so I can be in two places at once I could only go to one. In order to not have to try and play favorites or decide which one sounded more fun or something like that I just went to the one I was invited to first and had already said yes to attending, which was my friend Alison’s Dames and Games brunch and had to say no to my friend Lindsey’s Galentine’s Day Brunch. Although some of my chairs went to that brunch in my place. I hope they had fun.

A Twitter pal posted a link to this Baked Spiced Chai French Toast recipe awhile back and I had been waiting for an opportunity to make it. This brunch seemed like the perfect time. For reasons like I am a moron and don’t know how to measure loaf pans I screwed up the recipe a little bit and then tried to fix it so it wasn’t baked exactly as written. It was still tasty, but I look forward to trying it again made properly to see if it’s even better. I thought it turned out a little mushier than it should have been.

There was lots of other delicious food including this caramelized onion quiche that Alison made. I don’t like eggs that much, so I’m normally not a huge quiche fan. This however was delicious. I’m linking it to here so should I ever decide to make it for myself I’ll have easy access to the recipe.

As one might guess from the title of the brunch we also played games. We started off with some game whose name I don’t exactly remember but had something to do with guessing if people were werewolves or villagers. It was some game that Alison backed on Kickstarter. You have to have a minimum of 7 people to play which seems kind of crazy. That’s how many we had so gave it a try. I don’t know if it would have been more interesting with more people, but I can’t say I thought it was that great. Then we played a game called Killer Bunnies, which was a little complicated to figure out at first, but then was pretty fun. I think the designers really did not think through some things though as there was no way for people to make change for their money or feed their bunnies with only parts of their cabbage or water cards. I won that game, so yay! Most people left after that, but the couple of us that stuck around finished out the day with a few rounds of Zombie dice.

It was a fun afternoon.

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