Scout versus the Hair Band

Scout has always loved “catching” various tie type items. In the past she would come triumphantly bounding up the basement stairs making this adorable little meow with various types of wire ties that she found. They varied from velcro ones to plastic ones that Paul had either left lying around or cut off of something. Paul bought a package of hair bands so he could use one to attach his Halloween costume to his head. There were four more in the package. Knowing how much she loved the wire ties I figured Scout would love to play with them so I tossed them out on the floor for her. I was right. She loves them and carries them all over the house. Sadly she has given up her adorable triumphant meowing for a sort of yowling at them, which is not so adorable. It’s funny because she’s usually a very silent cat. She has very strong feelings about these hair bands though apparently.

*Note: The talking you can hear in the first 30 seconds or so of the video is an Extra Hot Great mini-podcast, which I was listening to before it dawned on me I should probably shut it off until I finished recording the video.

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