Friday Night at the Luncheonette

If you haven’t watched both Friday Night Lights and Parenthood this video will mean nothing to you, but for those of you who have you will love it. Since all of their regular programming is off the air for a few weeks due to the Olympics they are making some webisodes for four of their current shows to keep people interested in them. One of the shows is Parenthood. When they announced earlier in the week that the Parenthood episodes would be a Friday Night Lights crossover featuring the band Crucifictorious recording a song at the Luncheonette my little corner of the internet went crazy.

In the wake of that I had a lot of fun with my friend Jenny coming up with other crossover scenarios. In order to do this and really to watch these webisodes you have to not think to hard about continuity issues given that Jason Katims has used a lot of the same actors in both series, which would ruin many of these crossovers not to mention the fact that the same actor who plays Billy Riggins on FNL and in the webisodes played an entirely different character on Parenthood already. Don’t get too caught up in that stuff though and just have fun with it.

As for future crossovers I suggested Camille Braverman and Matt Saracen could take an art class together. I also thought Drew and Vince could be college roommates at some point. Lyla could totally have just grown up to be the character the actress played on Parenthood anyway. Tyra and Amber would make excellent friends I think. Jenny suggested that Julie Taylor and Jasmine Braverman could go to a stay at home mom’s group together and Jasmine could make Julie less surly. Even before this idea came into fruition I always thought that Matt Lauria essentially played the same character on both shows and that Ryan was really grown up Luke. I guess it works then that somehow Amber would have met Becky through Luke/Ryan and thus the connection that is mentioned in the beginning of the webisodes.

I thought the idea was to roll these webisodes out over the next two weeks, but after releasing the first one on YouTube yesterday morning by the end of the day NBC had thrown the whole thing up on their website. I’m embedding the YouTube video, but WordPress won’t let me embed the one from NBC so look for the link to the full series below.

Full series:

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