Wind Map

I am insanely fascinated by this online Wind Map of the country. I can’t remember when I first became aware of it. Probably around the time of Hurricane Sandy because that is the first time I can remember looking at it and watching how such a powerful storm just seemed to draw all the wind from the entire country into it. It’s not something I look at every day or anything, but definitely when there’s any big weather systems going on anywhere I like to pull it up and see what’s going on. It’s really cool to watch major storm systems move and to see the vortex where all the wind is spinning around when something like that happens. It’s not quite as interesting on days when nothing major is going on. Then it looks kind of haphazard across the country. Obviously today with this nor’easter going up the coast it’s a good day to look at it.

It’s interesting as well that it was done as a sort of art project. It’s not any kind of official weather site. Someone is just using data to create a graphical representation of the wind. I kind of like that the idea behind is something more than here’s the weather. Check it out if you  haven’t and take another peek even if you have.

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