Veronica Mars Rewatch

I never watched Veronica Mars when it originally aired. I was in graduate school at the time and it was of course back in the age before DVRs were as prevalent as they are now. Pretty much anything I wanted to watch I had to record on my VCR. I don’t know if there was something else in conflict since I could only record one thing at a time back in those dark, dark ages or if I just didn’t have time because I was going to school full time and working two jobs, but it wasn’t something that made it on my TV viewing schedule at the time.

I did remember hearing about how great it was at the time, so eventually when I had time and it was streaming on Netflix I binge watched all 3 seasons and fell in love with it. Sadly Netflix lost its rights to the show and I no longer had access. Then SoapNet started airing reruns of it, which I would watch if I happened to turn on the TV and they were on. Then SoapNet went off the air at the beginning of the year, so no more Veronica Mars reruns that way.

I backed the Kickstarter for the movie and did want to rewatch the entire series before the movie came out because I knew there was a lot I didn’t remember. I thought about buying the DVD set, but it was more money than I wanted to spend, especially since I stopped buying DVDs because I never watch any of the fairly sizable collection I already have. Then I saw that Pivot had picked up the rights to air repeats of it starting this week I believe. I was about to start recording the episodes they aired to rewatch when Amazon announced they had acquired the streaming rights and it would be included in the Prime Instant Watch. Since we have subscribed to Prime for years I was excited I was going to easily be able to rewatch the show.

I’m 16 episodes into the first season in my rewatch, and I’m definitely glad I’m doing it. I really did forget a bunch of things about this show. In my head certain story lines didn’t take nearly as long to come into play. I also don’t remember it taking so long for certain characters to become so integral to the show. Mac has only been in 2 episodes so far and Dick has only put in a few minor appearances at this point. Even the whole Veronica/Logan thing hasn’t really started yet at all.

It’s also been fun to spot actors who I’ve since come to know in other roles. Obviously Max Greenfield who is now Schmidt on New Girl playing Deputy Leo is the most prominent. I’ve also spotted Adam Scott as a teacher sleeping with one his students. There were also people I would have known at the time, but who I forgot had guest starred on the show like Melissa Leo and Paris Hilton (man I do not miss her, though I do kind of blame her for people like the Kardashians).

If you’ve never watched the show before I highly encourage you to start now and to then go see the movie when it comes out on March 14. You won’t regret it I promise. Well I can’t really promise anything about the movie, but I definitely can promise that the TV show is great. Amazon Prime is great just for the shipping benefits. The addition of this show to their Instant collection is just the cherry on top of the reasons you should subscribe to Amazon Prime.

2 thoughts on “Veronica Mars Rewatch

  1. I had no memory of Paris Hilton in the show, and was completely surprised when I recognized her. One of the 09er kids is also in Party Down. I can also see a little Sue Sylvester in Jane Lynch’s role.

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