Songs I Love: Open by Rhye

I first came across the song “Open” by Rhye back around the time of SXSW. It was a song that was making the lists of some of the best stuff coming out of SXSW. I really liked it and listened to it a bunch earlier in the year, but then it kind of fell off my radar. It never got any radio play, at least that I heard, even on the non-commercial radio stations I listen to. Thus it just got lost in my huge collection of music. Then a few weeks ago all the best of 2013 music lists started coming out and this song and/or the album it’s from kept popping up all over the place, at least in the places I look to for music. Obviously it’s not making any pop charts. Now that I’ve been reminded of it I can’t stop listening to it. If I’m not listening to Christmas music, then I’m pretty much listening to this song on repeat.

It’s actually the rare song that both  my husband and I like. If you drew a Venn diagram of our musical tastes the part where our circles overlap would be very tiny. He apparently also discovered this from SXSW. I let other people curate the music coming out of SXSW for me, but he literally downloads the entire multi-gigabyte release of music they put out every year and listens to it all deleting the stuff he doesn’t like. This song apparently made the cut.

The song itself is by the R&B group Rhye and despite what it sounds like is actually sung by Mike Milosh and not a woman. You can count me among the just about everyone who thought it was a woman singing the first time I heard the song. Pretty much every piece of commentary I’ve read or listened to about this song mentions that same experience. It’s an incredibly sexy and kind of ethereal sounding song. It’s wonderful, and I love it.

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