Christmas Book Club

Last night was the December meeting of one of my book clubs. Normally we try to read a Christmas themed book during December, but that didn’t happen this year. Our assigned month timing got pushed off a month when our fundraiser meeting that was supposed to happen in October didn’t get pulled together until November, which pushed everyone back a month in their hosting duties. The person who was originally supposed to host November and thus wound up hosting December is new to the book club and no one told her that we try and pick a Christmas book. Plus she may not have been thinking Christmas thoughts since she was originally supposed to host in November not December. We wound up reading Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling). Opinions on the book were mixed. I personally didn’t care for it that much and thought it was slow, but some people really liked it. You can look for my full review on my book blog at some point in the near future.

In order to add a little Christmas cheer to book club since our book wasn’t holiday themed I suggested that we do a white elephant book exchange. I thought it was fun at least and will suggest we do it again in future years even though I came home with The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, which I read long ago. Hopefully some other people went home with a book new to them that they will enjoy reading. Since we wound up eating at Rocket to Venus, which is right across the street from the big Christmas lights display on 34th Street I also suggested we go walk over and look at the lights after dinner. Unfortunately I think because of said lights as well as the Ravens game the restaurant was packed even on a Monday night and they were not really prepared for it. Service was lousy and it took forever for us to get our food. Then it didn’t come out all at the same time. I apologize to the other Danielle in book club who has apparently acquired my bad restaurant luck by name association. I am always the person whose food goes missing or gets the wrong order. We were speaking as the royal Danielle last night though, so perhaps that was the problem. We were sitting in what we dubbed the Danielle corner of the booth. Also after a discussion of how good the Brussels sprouts are at Rocket and both of us saying we don’t like them, I proclaimed that “The Danielles do not like Brussels sprouts.” I realize all of this probably falls under the only funny if you were there category, but I’m amused so that’s all that matters.

Thanks to dinner taking so long we pretty much lost everyone in regards to looking at the lights because people wanted to get home. Even though they’re only a couple blocks from my house I hadn’t bothered to walk over and see them yet. I know I’ll be down there on New Year’s Eve for their ball drop, but it’s always so crowded it’s not like you can really see the lights at that point, so I figured this was my one chance. My friend Tracie was parked on the other side of them so I walked through with her on the way to her car before I turned around and walked home. There seemed to be a number of new displays this year so I don’t know if new people moved in to those houses or if the people living there just decided to update.

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