Best Christmas Commercial Ever

The past few years I have done a 25 Days of Christmas thing where I’ve counted down my favorite Christmas songs and Christmas movies. I’m not entirely sure what my theme would have been for this year if I had time, but I did not. With Thanksgiving so late this year we are only around for 2 weekends before Christmas and there just didn’t seem to be enough time to get things done let alone dedicate time to make sure there was a blog post to put up every day. Of course spending the first 4 weekdays of December in jury duty and then coming home to do work that I couldn’t do during the day because of said jury duty also limited my ability to think about Christmasy things. Maybe if I had started way ahead and drafted up a bunch of stuff in November I could have done it, but I didn’t so here we are.

I didn’t want Christmas cheer to be totally absent from my blog this year though, so I present to you the best Christmas commercial ever made. I am sure you will agree it’s the Hershey Kiss ringing bell ad. I just looked it up and apparently the ad has been around each Christmas since 1989. I can’t think of a single other commercial that has essentially remained unaltered and returned every year. There’s some other Christmas ads that stick around a few years or get remakes of some sort like the Folgers one that many people think is creepy though I don’t. This ad is perfect though. It’s simple. It completely evokes the season, and it is made such that it can be the timeless classic that it has become. As long as Hershey’s doesn’t change what a Hershey’s Kiss looks like there is no reason this ad can’t run forever. There are no crazy fashions or things that will begin to look outdated. It’s perfect. So kudos to the ad execs that came up with this one. You done good.

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