Songs I Love: Okkervil River’s Down Down the Deep River

I am really digging Okkervil River’s song “Down Down the Deep River” despite that fact I for some reason could not get into my head what the song was and who sang it. I kept hearing it and thinking I really like this song. What is it again? Then I would look it up and somehow immediately forget it again the next time I heard it. I mean I knew I had heard the song before and that I liked it, but for some reason could not drill into my head the artist and title. Thus I was so proud of myself on Sunday afternoon when we were at the movie theater to see Thor 2 and this song was playing in the theater before the movie started and I knew that it was by Okkervil River. I still couldn’t have told you the name at that point though. I don’t know why I have a mental block on those things with this song. Now that I’ve blogged about I should hopefully be able to remember.

I’m really loving the trumpets that seem to be pervading indie rock these days, so I love them in this song as well. As I have mentioned before I tend to be drawn to the music rather than the lyrics these days because of the way I listen to music thus it is really the melody in this song that drew me in though once I paid attention to the lyrics I have to say that I love the line

“Tell me ’bout the greatest show or the greatest movie you know
or the greatest song that you taped from off the radio.
Play it again and again it cuts off at the ending though. ”

As someone who grew up before the age of digital music and who had many a mix tape of songs taped off the radio I know full well how difficult it was to catch the beginning of the songs as well as make sure you were timing things right at the end of the tape so it didn’t cut any of the songs off. It paints a great mental picture for me and makes me feel nostalgic for something that is obviously much worse than my ability to listen to practically whatever music I want whenever I want with no beginnings or ends cut off including this song.

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