Physical Keyboards

This may in fact be the dumbest thing I have ever written about on this blog, but it was something I was thinking about so here we are. I’m currently at a conference outside of Denver. I’ll probably write more about the conference itself later. Don’t worry I’m not wasting time writing this during a session. I came back to my room during one of the breaks because apparently if we haven’t had an opportunity to eat something in the past 2 hours it’s been too long.

Anyway as I was saying. I have an iPad but don’t use it that much aside from travel and as a cookbook, and let’s face it given the amount of cooking I do I don’t need it as a cookbook all that much. I do like taking it to conferences though because it’s lighter than dragging a laptop around and I can use it all day long without having to worry about founding an outlet to recharge during the middle of the day. I often drag my laptop with me as well because I hate not having a physical keyboard. I find doing most stuff on my laptop infinitely easier on my laptop than I do on my iPad. After spending the day yesterday typing notes on my iPad I was so excited to get back to my room to be able to use my laptop and the physical keyboard. I do have a physical keyboard that connects to my iPad via Bluetooth, but at that point I might as well be using my laptop at least if I’m at home.

I still have the original iPad. Target is running a promotion this week that if you turn in your old iPad even version 1 you can get a $200 gift card, which presumably I would then put towards a new iPad. Part of me thinks I should take advantage of it since my current iPad won’t last forever and I’ll probably never get the chance to make that much money from it, but the other part of me thinks it’s insane to contemplate spending $300 (the cost to me after the $200 gift card) on upgrading something I don’t use that frequently. I guess I have 2 days to decide.

In the meantime I’m going to go enjoy responding to some work emails on my physical keyboard before I have to head back down to the next conference session.

2 thoughts on “Physical Keyboards

  1. Can you use the $200 towards anything? If you don’t use your iPad all that much, it might be worth less than $200 to you, and therefore make turning it in a good deal for you. Then you can go an spend it on stuff you would actually use.

    1. I would still want a tablet though, so trading it in and using the gift card on something else doesn’t really work. Also I think the fine print says the $200 gift card is trade in specific. I think you can get regular gift cards for much less money.

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